Friday 26 May 2017
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Why Colorbond Fencing Perth Beats Timber Hands Down

Colorbond fencing Perth is rapidly gaining popularity as are Colorbond gates Perth, as the many advantages to Colorbond’s use is becoming more obvious to both residential and commercial property owners. If you are looking for a solution to your fencing problems that will require practically no maintenance or replacement, then Colorbond is the answer for you. This is a coated steel fencin manufactured in Australia and composed of a  long-lasting, durable, top of the line building material that can endure nearly anything nature sends its way.

Colorbond fencing

Modern, Attractive Appearance

Unlike other similar fences, such as timber which has unsightly railings on one side, Colorbond fencing Perth with its sleek, modern lines looks fantastic on both sides, and doesn’t take anything away from the appeal of the landscaping already there.

Colorbond Fencing Perth Features a Wide Array of Colours

Colorbond fencing Perth comes in 14 different colours all meant to reflect nature, and the colour you select is bonde to the steel. Thus, it should be easy for you to find a colour that matches the colour scheme of your property.


Due to the way it’s been constructed, with Australia’s potential for severe weather in mind, and its composition, Colorbond fencing is strong.  It is highly resistant to rot or termites, plus it won’t burn in the sun, or in bushfires, and will remain standing even through powerful winds.

Easy Maintenance

Colorbond fencing is practically maintenance free. There’s no need to paint it as these fences have a long-lasting finish that won’t dull after a few bouts of bad weather, and you won’t have to nail palings back on like you do with timber fencing. All you have to do is remember to give it a thorough washing with a hose every now and then to keep the bottom clear of debris and it will keep looking great for many years down the road.

Privacy and Security

Since there are no gaps in Colorbond fencing Perth, nosey neighbours cannot see into your yard.  Plus, there are no footholds by which the fence can be climbed, which prevent intruders from getting in.

Environmentally Safe

Most people don’t know this, but steel is completely recyclable material and this type of steel fencing is a modular system, which creates only a very small amount of scrap while it is being installed.

Simple to Repair

It is not difficult at all to remove and replace metallic fence panels which have been damaged.  These panels are easy to unscrew from the posts, and then all you have to do is put the new ones in their place.  If all that’s required is the replacement of just a few panels, then the whole process shouldn’t take more than several minutes.

Compare that to timber panels where you need to rip the panels out with the use of a hammer which is a very tiring and long process.

When you consider all the pluses in favour f usage Colorbond fencing Perth, the answer to your fencing seems quite obvious. Colorbond trumps them all.

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