Sunday 25 June 2017
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The secret to an inspirational work environment

If you believe an inspirational work environment can only be achieved through installing indoor slides and hammock seating, you can think again. In reality, creating a workspace that is the perfect balance of creativity, positivity and originality is really quite simple. In this blog, we uncover the secret to perfecting an office that is worth working in.

inspirational work environment

Savvy space planning

Unless your workers are provided with spacious and comfortable workstations in a well-planned office, it’s likely they’re going to be left feeling less than impressed. The truth is, a cramped and awkwardly designed office is a recipe for disaster when it comes to the happiness of your employees. So, to ensure your workspace brings out the best in your workers, you should be savvy when it comes to your space planning. Through effective planning, you should be able to completely transform the look and feel of your office so that it’s a more enjoyable place to work. From positioning certain members of staff in teams to dedicating specific areas to cater for informal meetings, rearranging the layout of your office to suit your colleagues’ needs is a guaranteed way to improve your overall space. As office design company mention, a good space plan is sure to give you the confidence that your work areas are being used efficiently, as well as having a postive effect on your staff.

Carefully chosen colours

The colours you choose for your workspace can have a huge impact on you and your employees. The truth is, there is scientific evidence behind the theory that the shades and hues you pick to decorate your office with can influence your thoughts and feelings. For example, blue is known to enhance brain function, making it the perfect colour if you want to boost productivity among your workforce, while yellow stands for optimism and can help stimulate creativity. For those who work long hours, the colour green is said to be best as it can instill calmness and efficiency. When deciding on the colours for your office, you could think about whether you want to create an upbeat, energised atmosphere or an area that’s more soothing and relaxing. Ultimately, you should aim to select colours that can help turn your office into a refreshing place to work.

Perfectly placed accessories

While you may have your layout and colour scheme sussed, how you acccessorise your space can be just as important. A bland looking office is likely to leave your members of staff feeling flat and uninspired, which in turn could result in poor performance and low morale. To ensure your personnel stay positive and to prevent their work attitudes from faltering, you may find that placing a couple of decorative pieces around your office is just what you need. From potted plants to abstract art, there are a variety of accessories you can incorporate into your space that could help perk up your employees.

Now that the secret is out, you shouldn’t struggle to transform your office into an inspirational place to work for both you and your members of staff.

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