Sunday 25 June 2017
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The Best Gifts for a Gardener This Christmas

Whether they’re a newbie who’s starting out gardening as a hobby, or they’re true, green-fingered pros who take pride in their gardens or allotments, there’s no better gift for a budding gardener than some gardening equipment. From small, quirky items to professional gear that will help them with their gardening all year round, here are a selection of hand-picked items that would be the perfect gift for any passionate gardener!

Books and Guides

First things first, not all gardeners are experienced and full of knowledge when it comes to their new-found hobby, so gifting them with a handy guide on gardening for beginners would be a great starting point. For those who may have more experience in the hobby, there are so many books full of stories and advice on how to grow the perfect plants, allotment tips, greenhouse ideas and so on!

Handy Kits

Not only do seeds last longer when stored in a handy tin, but purchasing some useful gardening kits with a selection of seeds will give any gardener the chance to grow their own produce and possibly have them growing something they’ve not done before. There is a whole selection of great gardener’s tins with handy kits inside from seed packets of herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit to a handy kit including gardening gloves and small tools to help them get started on their planting. Gardening tins are so useful for gardeners or all levels too, providing them with a useful, durable tin to store all kinds of gardening equipment neat and tidy.

Grand Gestures

For those who are a little more experienced in the gardening department, you may want to look at something that will be useful in the long term. One very popular gift choice is a potting bench. A potting bench is perfect for a whole range of different gardening tasks, so it’s great for a multi-purpose gift. Another ideal gift that would make a really bold gesture is a composter. Whilst this may seem like a strange gift for anyone, composting can be a hugely passionate aspect for gardeners and it’s a great thing to have in your garden. There are so many different types of composters on the market ranging from all different prices, so you can choose the best to suit any gardener.

Thoughtful Ideas

It’s not always easy to decide on a present for someone who may already have everything they need, so sometimes it’s just as nice to get them something thoughtful that they can use in their day to day routines. With gardening, there are hundreds of nice, thoughtful gifts that you can get someone without having to worry if they already have it and so on. Items such as clippers, a pocket pruner, a hand trowel, gardener’s lines and even a traditional metal watering can will make beautiful gifts that any gardener would appreciate. There can always be a little humour behind the gift, or simply just giving them something that you know they’ll get great use out of at some point throughout their gardening tasks.

Personalised Pieces

One of the most popular yet cherished gifts to be received is a personalised item. For a gardener, there’s nothing more exciting than a durable pair of gardening gloves with their name on, or maybe a kneeling pad with your initials in the corner. These may seem like small, quirky ideas, which they are, but they’re also great ideas and will make a great gift for anyone. You can pretty much personalise anything nowadays,but personalising key items that get used a lot is such a great idea.

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