Sunday 25 June 2017
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Smart Home Improvement Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Home

If you have recently shifted to your new home and wondering how to transform the place into your desired dream home, then there are many tried and tested interior design tricks that are used by professional interior designers. One can adopt these tricks easily with minimum effort and cost.

Best Interior Designers are not required for every little of a situation or the smallest of an occasion. One can achieve a great look by adding little things like a lamp, a mirror, a lush green plant, a painting and many more things.

Some Home Improvement Tips and Tricks to inspire you

  1. The Magic of Mirrors: You can add instant light in your living room by using a decorative mirror. Mirrors can be used cleverly to make small spaces appear larger. In the case that of large rooms or some other rooms which are restricted to natural light, one should place mirrors directly across the windows for adding instant light. If mirrors are used effectively, they add light and a whole new dimension to the living room.
  2. Mixing Up Is the Mantra: Mixing up is not only effective but is really fun too. One can mix textures and patterns, inexpensive and the expensive, new with the old and much more. According to Professional Residential Designers your house should be the reflection of your lifestyle, taste and personality. Use those colours and patterns that build the warmth of living room.
  3. The Incredible Wonders Painting can do: Always paint smaller rooms with light and soft colours to introduce an element of space to the room making it look larger. A living room can look spacious and larger if it has large windows, light-colour walls and mirrors. On the other hand, if you use darker hues, the room would appear much smaller.
  4. Go Green: Want to make your space look wonderful? The best thing to do is add lush green plants to the space. Plants without any doubt are the most inexpensive way of accessorizing as well as decorating your space. Also, plants add texture and colour to your home décor. They not only make the view of the room awesome, but are also great for purifying the air inside the house and for balancing the humidity. Plants are best for absorbing pollutants and also eliminating the harmful gases constituting the air.
  5. Decorate your Bookcases using wallpaper: Have a dull and boring bookcase? Don’t worry just paint it or use vibrant wallpaper. The immediate splash of colours helps you in re-energizing and brightening up any room. It is hard to believe but it’s also true how a simple colour can completely transform your home décor and the overall ambiance.
  6. Rugs act as a great Saviour: Rugs are usually used in order to soften the effect of hardwood floors. A rug helps in giving warmth and also adds colour, personality, texture, and also character to your living room. Hardwood floors are good for the eyes but are not at all comfortable until the floor is carpeted or has rugs on it.

One can try these Home Improvement Tips and Tricks or can hire Professional Residential Designers that help you in re inventing your home. WG Design Labs is one of the best Professional Interior Designers providing you with the best services.

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