Sunday 25 June 2017
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Most people nowadays spend their time juggling one thing with another. What with work, family, leisure time, shopping for groceries etc; when one of your essential appliances breaks down it can cause real stress and inconvenience. Of course you could just think “I’ll just buy a new one” but with decent ovens being a fairly expensive type of appliance, often having the old one repaired can be the best option. From experience, I know just how difficult it can sometimes be to find a suitable replacement. You can trawl the internet for hours looking for the right size, the right specification and the right finish to match the other appliances in your kitchen, so it really does make sense to consider a repair as your first option and we’ve caught up with Steve from CookerCare to outline why that is the case.

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Also, consider how you will manage without your oven until the new one can be delivered; that’s assuming it’s in stock at the company’s warehouse. If it’s a non UK brand then waiting time can sometimes be far too long.

So, after consideration you decide your best option would be to have the existing oven repaired. Pick a company who have been trading for a number of years; that way you can be sure of getting a professional service. After all, if they weren’t providing a fantastic level of service then they wouldn’t still be trading. By giving the company a call, you can often get a diagnosis over the phone by one of their expert members of staff; a far speedier option than the diagnosis being made when they visit your home. Coming prepared will result in the repair being made in less time meaning it’s more convenient for you. In many cases the visit can be made the very same day meaning you’re up and running again before it can have too much impact on your busy life.

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