Sunday 25 June 2017
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How to Create the Perfect Country Style for Your Kitchen

Whether you live in the middle of the countryside or your home is situated in the city centre, country style décor is always going to look amazing. As one of the most popular kitchen designs, country style kitchen décor is becoming a very popular choice for many homes today. When you design a country style kitchen, you instantly gain a welcoming, warm atmosphere that is perfect for creating that ideal social space. Country style décor is very popular within a family home, too, as the inviting atmosphere and cosy feel create the perfect environment for a family to live in. As with any interior themes, there are a few staple elements to remember to ensure you capture the perfect country style, and we’ve gathered a few of these for you.


Colour Scheme

When it comes to designing your kitchen with a country theme in mind, you need to select your colours carefully. The colour scheme for a traditional country style kitchen is made up of browns, greens, purples and whites and you often find that cream is the dominant colour throughout. It is important, however, to incorporate a good balance of the other colours into the décor, as you don’t want the cream to overpower the interiors or create a washed-out look. The perfect way to add these additional colours to the interiors is through furniture and detailing, which can always be swapped and changed dependant on your mood or preference!

Traditional Style

Country style décor is based around traditional styles and designs, which is what makes the whole look so classic and inviting. For the kitchen, you often find that Roma style units are one of the most popular to choose from. These units are created with beautiful detailing that emphasises the traditional country look. With kitchen cupboard doors designed with stunning edges and traditional hardware, to the outer units displaying traditional curved edges and straight lines, the whole look is simply stunning.

Specific Appliances

Every kitchen requires specific appliances to get the day to day cooking routines done properly, however, country style kitchens have always had a little extra when it comes to the right appliances for that style. One of the most popular and traditional appliances to introduce to your country style kitchen is an Aga. An Aga is the most traditional, classic cooker that both looks fabulous but also warms your home keeping it lovely and warm through those blustery cold months. Along with an Aga, you often find country style kitchens to have a KitchenAid, retro style Smeg fridge and even a slow cooker. These features may not seem particularly country, but they all serve specific purposes and help to add that country style to your interiors.

Old Habits, New Features

You often find that traditional, country style features make their way into the modern home without realising, and they’re often overlooked. A few traditional, country kitchen features are items such as granite slabs for cutting vegetables or serving cheese, distressed wooden chopping boards that emphasise that old world, country style, and traditional racks to position your plates and dishes when taken from the Aga but still warm. By incorporating these small yet effective features you are able to highlight the country style and create the complete look.

Favourite Scents

Your kitchen should always smell amazing. Whether you’ve just cooked a batch of your much-loved brownies or you lit a candle with your favourite scent, you should always keep your kitchen smelling fresh and nice. Having a kitchen that smells good will help to create an inviting, warm atmosphere that is just what you need with country style interiors. If you don’t want to rely on your delicious baking to create that beautiful aroma, adding some of your favourite scents through candles or incense is the perfect way to monitor the scents flowing throughout your kitchen and home.

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