Friday 26 May 2017
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Factor Every Convenience into Your Remodel

Starting a remodeling project brings with it a flood of emotions.  You want to trust that your contractor will finish on time and under budget, and that there are no scary boogey men like mold or leaks waiting to pounce once the walls are ripped out.  You quiet your mind and banish thoughts of coworkers’ horror stories of deceitful bait and switch scammers, damaged furnishings, or worse, theft of your personal property.  Keep in mind that millions of remodel jobs are performed each year by competent workmen with amazing results and just keep your eyes on the prize.  The advent of social media means getting referrals for designers and contractors is easier than ever, and you can go to sites designed to give you honest reviews and recommendations before you commit your hard earned dollars.

One thing you can’t avoid is the realities and inconveniences of the demo job.  For the first time in your life the door jamb Mom measured your growth against is no longer there.  There’s dust all over the place.  And some suppliers’ delay means you can’t cook in your kitchen again tonight.  Sound familiar?

Remodel home

If you have the luxury of getting away while all this is going on, and can trust the guys in charge to make sure everything goes to plan, that’s great.  But if you’re going to live in the house during the renovation, you’ll want to factor in as many conveniences for your family as possible.  Using the services of a company like Peapod can save you time and money.  Peapod offers delivery of grocery items you order online.  They have a wide range of items available, including fresh local produce, organic meats and vegetables, and a slew of prepared foods to choose from.

So if you’re stuck waiting for the delivery of that jetted tub you custom ordered, you can still stock the pantry, and get dinner on the table, with the click of your mouse.  It’s like being at two places at the same time.  And since they participate in the new Groupon Coupon program, you can save even more by using these money saving coupons to put more food on the table for less.  A quick look up shows they’re offering Peapod coupons good for $15 off your first order, 60 days of free delivery, sale items and more.

One thing’s for sure, getting the most out of your remodel takes careful planning and execution.  Adding the convenience of Peapod to the mix means there’s one less thing to worry about.

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