Sunday 25 June 2017
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Experience luxurious lifestyle with exquisite bed linen

Your dream is important even while sleeping, and to have a perfect, healthy and sound sleep, your bed plays a vital role. It is the only place where you can loosen up and rejuvenate yourself after a long hectic day.  Think about the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in and what comes in mind? It is the sheet because it creates an aesthetic aura to the bedroom and comes in direct contact with our body and skin. An exquisite bed linen is significant in sending us off to our dreamland.  As we spend almost one-third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in bedding that is not only comfortable but fits perfect with your bedroom.  There are innumerable sheer varieties of bed sheets are available in the market, to choose one that will suit you best , here are top pointers to help you decode the label.

exquisite bed linen

  • Thread Count – The thread counts help you to assess the quality of luxury bed linen. The number of threads in each square inch of fabric is the thread counts of the product – the larger the count the softer the bed sheets. But in cases like Egyptian cotton, even the lower thread count results in softer fabrics.
  • Material –The type of material you choose for your bed linen completely depends on your personal choice and preference. There are basically four types of material available in the market for a perfect buy bed linen online India– Cotton, Supima-Cotton, Linen and poly blend sheets. 100% cotton materials are the most expensive one and have extremely durable sheets. While Supima Cotton or mixed cotton is also of very soft quality and less expensive than the previous one.  While the last two are durable, soft and least expensive amongst all.
  • Display and Pattern– This is something which has everything to with the interiors (Color, theme and background) of the room. Well, if the theme of your bedroom is soothing white then you can choose vibrant color bed linens to give a contrasting affect to your room and vice versa.
  • Weave– The pattern in which sheets are woven creates a direct impact on its softness and how they look. If the linens are densely woven, it makes it wrinkle resistant while if it is lightly woven it gives a cool and soothing affect. So it is your personal choice which one to choose that suits you best.

Enhance your sleep, protect your bedding and comfort yourself with exquisite bed linens. There is nothing better than simply jumping into a sea of fresh, beautiful and crisp bed linen after a long day. You can make a bold statement in your room with different shades of bed sheets, garner the attention of your guests and enjoy a sound and revitalizing sleep.

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