Friday 26 May 2017
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Discover How Door Pulls Can Change the Look of Your Kitchen in an Instant

To achieve that dream kitchen look that you have always wanted, you have to make the right choices when it comes to your cooking space’s design, appliances, and materials. Kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any household. This is also where you bond with your family and entertain guests. Make a good impression by giving your kitchen an elegant look.

Aside from the appliances, you should also be consistent even with the tiniest material found in your kitchen. One of the materials that may give your cooking space an instant boost is the kind of door pull that you will be using in the kitchen cabinetry. Remember that you and sometimes even your guests will be looking at and using the door pull more than once in each day. So it is only best for you to make the right choice. Although this is just a micro design in your household, it can still have a macro impact in your kitchen’s overall finish.

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Steps to having your dream kitchen

 To start your search for your cabinetry’s door pull, visit an ironmongery or a showroom that is well known for offering quality products. You may base your choice according to your kitchen’s existing materials such as the faucet. Showrooms usually have experts who can help you select the right door pulls that will make your money’s worth. Prepare a minimum and maximum range in your budget. This will make your choice easier as you will be eliminating products that are not within your budget.

When it comes to the design, you will be surprised that the list for your options is endless. To narrow your search, you need to research on the kind of door pull finish that will work best for your dream kitchen’s design before even stepping inside any showrooms.

Here’s a short list of door pull types to choose from:

Drop Handles – drop handles are two-piece handles that includes a mounted portion as well as dangling pull. This is a good if you have curious little ones at drop handles will make it harder for your kids to open the cabinet.

Glass Knobs – glass knobs is inexpensive at the same time flashy.

Recessed Pulls – these are streamlined door pulls that are built into the doors. This is a good choice if you have a busy kitchen where clothes or aprons could snag on the knobs.

Window Sash Pulls – these door pulls are based on the window sash fittings. In the 1900s, it is designed to lift heavy windows. Today it has become a popular choice to kitchen designers.

For more ideas on which door pulls would work best for your kitchen project, visit Equip-Design’s website today.

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