Friday 26 May 2017
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Difficult windows – challenges of window treatment

The beauty of window treatment is best brought out only if it mounted in the right way. We all know that the choice is between inside mount and outside mount and by taking the right measurements of height and width it is easy to order the window treatment of our choice. Whether it is blinds or shades, the method is the same. Windows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you will hardly find two sets identical. Treating windows might be difficult for some kinds of windows either due to its shape, size, construction features or location. Windows that are just too large or too tall, have imperfect arches, located at a height that is not easy to reach, skylights and bay windows can be quite challenging assignments for window treatment experts to find the right solution.  Yes, it is difficult but there are ways of succeeding.


Summer is the time when you would like to curse the skylights of your home as it makes way for maximum heat entry into homes.  These portals of interacting with nature can be quite a matter of concern at times. The easy solution is to block the light with window treatment of skylights. But reaching skylights can be a daunting task as it is located at an awkward height. Besides height, the track that guides the movement of solar shades or blinds requires an additional step during installation for which an extra long ladder is required. Manual operation at a height close to the ceiling can be difficult to handle even with a pole stick. Using a motorized control can ease the problem but it is pricey.

Bay windows

This architectural feature that creates extra space and uplifts the appearance of the building is most sought after. A series of sophisticated windows, usually three in number, placed at some angles allow plenty of light and air into the space and creates a sense of seclusion that is liked by many. This space that looks larger than a normal window setting can become a home within home that people find to be their very own space to enjoy whatever they want in the most personal way. The challenge of dressing these windows is that flush mount depths are not uniform but vary from one another. To overcome this problem the middle shade or blinds is to be installed first and then the other windows can be measured with respect to left and right of the head rail of the middle window.

Arched windows

The arch is the most difficult part to be measured.  Instead of taking direct measurement, it is recommended to make a template of the arch on paper and hand it over to the supplier for doing the rest. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on a professional.

Lack of mounting depth can be a problem in some windows. In such cases going for an outside mount can solve the problem. For very large windows the difficulties of manual operation can be addressed by using motorized versions. No difficulty is too big to overcome and this is the reason why there is a window treatment available for all kinds of windows.

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