Friday 26 May 2017
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Best Windows’ Design for Your House

Today the market of windows is extremely large. Experts prove that gone are those days when a homeowners’ choice of windows types and designs was limited. Contemporary most consumers are energy-conscious and they want to minimize their heating and cooling costs in their homes. No matter if you are replacing old windows or just buying new ones, the key here is to understand which choices will give you more benefits.

If you think about replacement of the old windows, do the math and find out just how big will the cost-effectiveness of new units would be. The most popular way is to complete a home energy audit. Here no matter if you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional, such energy efficiency checkup for your house can give you a sense of where the biggest energy-loss areas are in the house and how serious they are.

It is very important to be aware of where the thermal transmission problems take place in your home before you begin a full replacement-window renovation. You do not want to spend five figures sums for a whole-house window makeover when your real issues could have been solved by an easy tube of caulk, weather stripping or simple storm windows.

You should always remember that replacement windows are not all the time the best solution for every home. Experts say that especially in old homes, original windows are in fact a part of a whole house’s character, and homeowners should first of all try to upgrade these existing windows rather than subtract.

Here is the list of some situations thought that may warrant your window replacement:

  • Single-pane glass or temperature-conductive sashes and frames. Most construction and window professionals agree that homes with poorly-performing and usually cheap windows almost always will benefit from the whole window replacement.
  • Poor condition of windows. Those windows which are in overall poor condition may lead to humidity problems, water leaks in the home and even severe pest infestations. The best idea is replacement if the windowpanes are cracked, windows became non-operational and sashes, frames or sills on wood windows started rotting.
  • Pose to safety problems. Windows that do not perform perfectly and appropriately, for example, they do not open or shut completely or are pretty weak or even loose, are best candidates for replacement. The main reason why they become so bad looking and operating is improper maintenance.

The Design

The previous part of this post was about the windows replacement in general but in this one a few words about design will be said. Experts advise to use non-fixed transoms which in fact exist only for aesthetic purposes, but to roll out active transoms that can be opened, and that will provide you with more fresh air.

Moreover, such windows usually require deeper casing. Active transoms have bigger depth, so they do not look like flat pieces of glass stuck on the walls with some casing. Homeowners who are seeking for environmental benefits from a window design with no doubt should move away from various configurations which will not be operated in the real life.

Some information for the article was taken from this informative post on modern windows.

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