Sunday 25 June 2017
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5 Affordable and Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

Is your home eco friendly yet? If you’re hesitating to renovate your home to be more “green” because it’s more expensive, think again! Choosing to live in a small home such as a bungalow or granny flat, you can say the work is already half done. You’ll be surprised that you can actually save more money if you head this route.


You see, a smaller house requires way less building materials, thus requiring less maintenance and utilities. By doing these affordable and eco friendly renovations, you’re not only doing you and your wallet a favour, you’re also helping Mother Nature out!

  1. Recycled bricks
    Statement walls can be achieved with reclaimed bricks. Simply bleach them white to keep your walls light and airy, efficiently giving your small house the illusion of more space. Bricks are also stable and can last a long time. This would save you a lot of money instead of buying new ones. tiles
  2. Buy reclaimed furniture
    Upcycle old things in your home or at least old furniture from your parents’ house. For instance, you can turn an old vintage briefcase into a bedside table. Instead of buying new furniture, these timed pieces will give your room character. Keeping old things out of the landfill and use them as design inspiration instead!
  3. Repaint your walls with VOC free paint
    Being eco-friendly isn’t just about saving the environment, but it can also lead to a healthier you. If you’re looking to redo your wall paint, VOC-free paint is your number one option. No need to deal with horrible paint fumes or chemicals that will damage not only the environment but your lungs as well.
  4. Repaint your kitchen cabinets
    If you’re unhappy with your kitchenette, the last thing you should do is to demolish it. Demolishing cancels out the carbon footprint of when it was built, and should be your last resort. Remember: buying new furniture means cutting new trees and harvesting new stones. Always go for redressing. When it comes to your kitchen, simply change your kitchen cabinets. Take out the doors and repaint the insides to give your kitchen depth. kitchen-cabinet

  5. LED Lighting
    Change all your lighting to be energy efficient. LED lighting will help you in that regard. Using only 10-15% of electricity, they’re worth the investment in the long run. If you’ve got a little more to spare, you can upgrade your lights that you can connect via Bluetooth to toggle your light’s brightness and colour. Rethinking your lighting makes a big difference in your home.
    Those are but a few of eco friendly renovation tips you can apply in your home. Get started today with these budget-friendly ways to lessen your cosy home’s carbon footprint and make a big difference for tomorrow.

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