Creating a Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom design is currently very popular and features a clean and minimalistic finish. Below is some advice on how to create the perfect modern bathroom:
modern Bathroom

Pick a Simple Color Scheme

For a modern look it is best to pick a clean and simple colour scheme with pale colors such as creams, whites or greys. These colors work really well on their own but if you want to inject a little more colour then add in a muted colour (such as a dark blue) on an accent wall; bear in mind that too much colour will prevent the bathroom looking modern.

Use a Modern Storage Solution

Modern bathrooms should be clean and simple so it is a good idea to invest in a practical storage solution so you can de-clutter and make you bathroom look as minimalistic as possible. It is worth bearing in mind that contemporary designs don’t work well with a lot of storage units, so it is therefore important not to have too much furniture in a modern bathroom as this can lead to the room looking too busy.

Choose a Modern Bath Or Shower

A simple freestanding baths with round edges can work really well in a modern bathroom as a focal point. These baths have become hugely popular because they combine style and comfort with a traditional bath design. If you opt for a shower, glass shower doors and dividers tend to look much more modern than shower curtains.

Choose a Modern Toilet

Choosing the right toilet design is important in creating a modern bathroom. Wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets have become very popular in contemporary bathrooms as they to portray a minimalist look by freeing up floor space.

Choose a Modern Wash Basin

Modern wash basins can be purchased in a range of eye-catching designs and can be wall hung for a more minimalist look. There are also contemporary vessel designs available which sit above the counter surface or can be incorporated into a modern vanity unit.

Choose Modern Furniture

Simple bathroom furniture, such as vanity units can help to create a modern bathroom. Modern bathroom furniture comes in a range of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. For an ultra contemporary look, consider a vanity basin.

Choose Modern Taps

No modern wash basin or bath is complete without a set of contemporary taps. The type and style of taps chosen can really influence the overall appearance of your bathroom furniture. For an ultra modern look choose sleek taps with sharp angles. To create a luxurious feel and look opt for contemporary waterfall taps. These open spout styles look modern and when turned on, create a rushing water sound like a waterfall (hence the name). To see a good selection of modern taps, visit the Tap Warehouse.
It can be hard keeping up with all the modern bathroom trends. It is a good idea to do your research, listen to advice from professionals and you will soon have the perfect modern bathroom.

Tips for bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms are finest part of home, its designs and renovation is as important as its cleanliness and neatness is.  In kitchen we spend most of the time in cooking and making new dishes but in bathroom we start our day and go to refresh ourselves by taking bath. Bath will be more refreshing if bathroom is renovated in stylish way. Are you bored of using your bathroom in same typical old style? If yes it is the right time to renovate it bathroom and give it a new look. I have some suggestion to convert an ordinary bath into dream bath.

Room renovation takes time and extensive planning, there are many construction companies who provide bathroom remodeling services, choose the best one and guide them your need. I have some guidelines to accomplish your needs of bathroom renovation. The main objective of bathroom remodeling is to improve the bathroom style by using latest bathroom accessories. Renovation can be crucial for you if you are do-it yourselfer so here are some useful tips which can be considered before renovating the bathroom.

Some people think that renovating the bathroom is very easy and can be done in a blink of eye, for those I must say exchange of old basin with new one is not called remodeling or renovation. Remember that main part of bathroom is plumbing, it is very important as if plumbing goes wrong all decoration goes wrong. Before choosing the fixtures and accessories for modeling consider the plumbing, you need to be sure that new accessories are fixed on plumbing. If you want to rearrange the bathroom, ponder on fact that some of your pipes need to be rerouted.  It may be laborious task for you but easy for professionals.

Before going to make a purchase of new fixtures make sure that how much pipe line area needs to be rerouted. If you cannot decide, call some plumber to take his professional advice. Once you decide the pipe line rerouting, you may have clear vision which type of new fixtures have to be bought. Now go to make purchase for new stylish bathroom.

Now you are in market to buy the things for bathroom make over. Don’t   make haste in purchasing the things. Never buy the first thing that attracted you, visit whole market and notice the new and stylish designs. Jot down the types and shop names with price range on your diaries, mark the best of them and now after visiting the market choose from the best articles you have seen. Now you have clear vision and an ease of choice as you know the best fittings for your new bathroom. Online sites may help you to discover new bathroom styles you may take help from them.

Getting a new bathroom is little bit difficult task  than renovating bedroom or drawing room as for them you just purchase new sofas or bed and install them in home your renovation completed, but for bathroom it is not like that as after purchasing new fixtures you may need plumber to fix it. Doesn’t matter you are rerouting the pipes or not still fixing the bathroom accessories needs professional with special equipment. Don’t do it yourself as it will ruin the bathroom and money you spent.

Awesome Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

When it comes to improving a bathroom, many options are expensive and over the top. However, you don’t have to spend a lot to transform a bathroom into a beautiful space. Try some of these ideas to make your bathroom pop.

Beautiful Bathroom

Improve the Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the first things to look dated in a bathroom. Depending on the finish of your cabinets, you have different options for improving their appearance. For wood cabinets, you can strip the current finish and add a modern-colored finish. You can also sand down the cabinets and paint them any color you like. If you have a smooth-faced cabinet, switching out the hardware is a simple step to make them look more modern.

Step Up with Lighting

Adding different lighting in a bathroom can change the appearance significantly. Get rid of overhead lighting (except over the mirror) and switch it out with mood lighting, such as LED lamps or another energy-saving light source. Changing the fixtures can also change the appearance of a bathroom and make it more beautiful.

Create a Mood

If your bathroom doesn’t have a specific theme, you can easily make it more inviting by using a theme in the room. You can create a mood by using specific colors, objects, and styles. Bathrooms work best when light colors are used, as dark colors can change the lighting and make it difficult to use the mirror effectively. However, there are many light themes you can try, such as a zen garden, Paris boudoir, or beach house. Adding small accents of themed art or decorative objects can help carry the mood or theme.

 Remove Clutter

Just like with any other room, removing clutter will significantly make your bathroom more inviting and beautiful. Create a designated space for dirty laundry and hide unsightly items (like hair care products, toilet paper, or cleaning products) inside cabinets. Anything that you do not use every day, place in a cabinet and hide it away from view. If you haven’t used something in a year, you can throw it away to save space.

 Organize Wisely

To keep your bathroom uncluttered, you will need to organize. Purchasing some small bins to hold odds and ends in the bathroom will help you keep things clean and organized. Create a specific place for everything in the bathroom so that you can find it with ease. Keep your bins easy to access or you will never use them. Make the things you use most often easy to locate.

 Add Extra Elegance

For an additional elegant touch in the bathroom, small changes can make a big difference. Switching out floor tiles for new adds a touch of modern class. Covering the floor with a nice rug can make the room feel warmer. Switch out old-fashioned faucets and knobs for modern designs to instantly update the entire room. Replace a small mirror with a bigger version to make the space appear larger.

Making your bathroom more attractive is not difficult, and does not take as much money as you might fear. With a little ingenuity and do-it-yourself spirit, your ugly bathroom will look beautiful and sparkling once again.

From Cluttered To Spacious: Making a Child’s Bedroom Bigger

Before the cash-conscious side of your brain clicks the back button, this post isn’t actually related to making structural alterations in a bid to make your child’s bedroom larger. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on those famous tricks of the eye that often involve an inexpensive trip to the DIY store. Sound promising? Read on to find more about how to turn your little one’s cluttered bedroom into one that looks the largest in the house.

Making a Child’s Bedroom Bigger

Multi-use furniture should be your best friend

The amount of toys, books and clothes that the average toddler clocks up over the course of the year is frightening. This unfortunately means that the standard storage options rarely suffice, and you’ll instead have to look towards more creative solutions.

One of these is by investing in multi-purpose furniture. If you take a look at these girls beds from Ollie and Leila, you’ll see that many incorporate storage space underneath, with some even including specific sets of wardrobes and drawers. This is the prime example of multi-purpose furniture at its best, with the necessary item being used for more than its usual purpose. Fortunately, it’s not the only way you can achieve this and if you are looking to create more space, consider swapping that changing unit with a chest of drawers. Then, place a changing mat on top and you’re good to go. Is it ideal? Not exactly, but for the purposes of gaining so much additional space it could be completely worth it.

Kids love mirrors (and so do estate agents)

Children are pretty vain creatures – they love staring at themselves in the mirror. This is something that estate agents enjoy as well (not the looking at themselves) and many will quickly realise that the room looks much, much bigger with the inclusion of several well placed mirrors. Try positioning them opposite windows or shining onto light spaces of a room, they reflect light brilliantly and make the eye immediately think that the room is bigger than what it really is.

Clear everything out to the boundaries

Walk into any nursery room and you’ll probably see the same thing; hoards of toys sprawled all over the middle of the floor. Unfortunately, the nature of a nursery means that it’s nigh on impossible to ever stop this, so this point actually refers to furniture. If your child’s bedroom has tables, chairs or anything else in the middle of the room – try and push it to the boundaries as a matter of urgency. You might never be able to get rid of those toys from the centre circle, but by pushing all furniture to the perimeter you will at least create a big gaping hole which simply echoes “spacious”.

Persuade your little one to love white

Ok, this might be a little difficult. The point we’re trying to make is that light colours automatically make a room feel bigger, so try and urge your little one to opt for these rather than the dark shades. You might have to compromise by adding some wall art to inject a bit of decoration, but some would argue that this makes the room much nicer from a child’s perspective anyway.

5 Easy Ways to Visually Enlarge Your Bathroom

Many of us grew up in homes where the bathroom was more fit for a Hobbit than for a large family. Bathrooms were an essential, utilitarian room, of the house.  Oh sure, we all knew that family that had lots of money, a giant house and 3 big bathrooms… 1 for each person in the house.  (And ½ of a bathroom for guests, of course.)  But back in the day, it was just a room where you took care ‘of business’, bathed, freshened up and did your personal grooming.  Makeup tables were often, in the bedroom at vanities, dressers and full length mirrors.  My how times they do change!  These days people are building spas and Zen bathrooms, in their new homes.  But, what if your house has a relatively small bathroom?  Never fear… Here are 5 ways to make your little Hobbit bathroom appear bigger.

Enlarge Your Bathroom

  • 5 OPEN IT UP

It’s time to back away from the old fashioned linen closets.  Start knocking out useless closed in spaces and building or adding ready-built cabinets, that resemble functional furniture for your storage needs.  Hide a closet behind a sliding mirror/door and reduce the thickness of the walls and shelves.  Utilize under sink storage cabinets, too.


Remove and replace big, bulky water fixtures and spouts.  A more modern, sleek look can be achieved with such fixtures as today’s very popular waterfall taps and other stylish designs meant to smooth lines and save space (and water).


Make your walls dual function.  Particularly in the case of your shower walls, cut out areas of the wall and transform them into a framed shelf.  A good example of this is those little seats, shelves and shampoo niches you see in manufactured shower walls.  Utilize the space between the studs for storage, making the room appear sleek and open.


Use mirrors for more than just primping.  The placement of mirrors at a higher level tends to make the room seem like it goes on forever.  You will of course still need a mirror at the proper height, for that primping.  But, it’s simply amazing what can be done with the right placement of shiny surfaces and mirrors. (Consider a reflective siding on your above ground tub.)  Additionally, if there is a window in your bathroom, by placing a mirror directly across the room from it, you have just created another faux window.


Natural light not only cuts down on lighting bills, but adds the illusion of space to a room.  Knocking out spaces of high walls for a decorative window and the addition of skylights will really open up that room, while making it lighter during the day.  These wall meets ceiling windows are clearly placed too high for anyone to look in from the outside, but you can also utilize stained glass or shades that are translucent, if you’re truly concerned.  You will appreciate the natural light, as well for makeup application, if you are going to make an appearance in a location with natural lighting or out of doors.

Many of these changes can be taken care of by the seasoned do-it-yourselfer, while others may be better left to the insured and bonded professionals.